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Who Is Kamal The Builder? October 15, 2019

Hi! This is Kamal the Builder once again 🙂  

I thought it would be a good time for you to get to know who I am. I am posting so many videos on YouTube and in this particular video, I describe myself, my background and how it applies to building and construction, and discuss my slightly different approach.  

As far as my background, I have an engineering background and not a traditional construction background, which is quite an advantage for me. In addition to my engineering background I have an MBA in Finance and Marketing, which brings additional strengths to my work.  

As a person, I am very hands on and always learning. People who knew me growing up would know me as someone who loved to take things apart and put them back together, just to figure out how things work. Since my childhood, whatever I have learned, I have liked to apply that knowledge to my work.  

Having worked in the corporate high-tech world for over 20 years, I apply all my learnings to my Construction Company. We use project management, cloud-based services, and detailed cost analysis that my customers’ benefit. This keeps us extremely organized and cuts waste and costs from the project.  

Coming back to my experience in the technical background. I started out as an engineer and did a lot of hardware design and low-level programming. This taught me to dive into details, stick to budgets, and deliver on schedules. After completing my MBA, I moved into a product management role, which has taught me to understand customer, state and city, requirements, and to define what is called an MVP or “minimum viable product” in the high-tech space. I’ve applied all of this in my construction work.

In the construction industry, I am working to deliver against customers and city requirements, as well as California building codes, otherwise, the project will fail. The minimum viable product from my perspective in construction is, “what will pass inspection?” I am always working to pass inspections the first time so we don’t get off our budget and schedule. I apply the same rigor in construction, as I’ve experienced in the corporate world, sticking to budgets and timelines. In addition, we perform effective change management and look at risk mitigation at every step. I communicate clearly, talk to my clients all the time and keep them informed at every step. We take full ownership of all our projects.

I’ve also built my own ecosystem and have a strong team of architects, engineers, and workers. I am also constantly streamlining the process and optimizing at every step so that I take out the risk out of execution…

Hopefully, you found this useful, if you like this video, click “Like” and share it with anyone you know who will find value. My name is Kamal the Builder, and we build your dreams throughout Silicon Valley.

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Building Your Dreams! 

Kamal Hyder

Breakthrough Builders

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