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Breakthrough Builders provides specialized expertise in building ADUs quickly and efficiently

We use innovative techniques to get an ADU erected on your lot in record time. We have fully engineered plans available, that can be modified to meet your needs, the needs of your site, or jurisdiction – this will help you speed through your city’s planning and building processes. 


Project Scoping

We work with architects and CAD drafters from the very start of the project, and we know how to save you money from the very start.

Someone filling out Site Inspection Document.

Planning and Permits

Through proper scoping and design, we cut through a lot of the red tape, by designing a project that would not violate the city’s rules and regulations.

Female Hands Holding Computer Tablet with Finished Kitchen on Screen, Construction Framing Behind.

Construction Planning

We work with high quality sub-contractors from each trade to build a budget for the client, and to determine the entire time-frame of the project.

construction office desk with computer and paper works

Construction Management

Once the work starts, we keep an eye on each trade to determine adherence to scope, budget and schedule, and to ensure quality of work.


"I am very pleased with the personal attention paid by Breakthrough Builders."

“They have helped me build my dream home, within budget and per schedule."​​

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